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Instagrammer To Follow: Beth Macdonald (Aka Baby Macbeth)

Beth Macdonald is the creator and author of the highly successful blog BabyMac. Beth began blogging as a means of keeping in touch with her two interstate sisters, but when she and husband Rob made the decision to move from the hustle and bustle of Sydney to the beautiful Southern Highlands, her blog transformed into a showcase of stunning photography; honest, heartfelt writing; and entertaining storytelling.

With two gorgeous daughters, a magazine-worthy home (literally!), and a nice settled country life, last year Beth and Rob decided to throw caution to the wind once more and try for another baby. And so baby Maggie was born, and they cannot imagine their family without her.

In her own words: “I’m Beth, just Beth. I believe in family. Good friends. Pork. Champagne. Long lunches. Sleeping without being woken by small children. Clean sheet day. Fresh flowers in my home. Open fires and sitting by them with drink in hand. Using my passport. Love, real proper, heart thumping love with my husband. Bad reality TV. The internet. Cooking. Eating. Changing my hairstyle. Often. I believe in reading, writing, watching and sharing. And putting it ALL out there.”

My name is… Beth Macdonald

I live in… ( A lovely home in the village of Burrawang.

My life in five words is… Busy, happy, loud, messy and lovely

Followers of my Instagram feed can expect to see… Pictures of well-made beds, plumped cushions, a glass of something, flowers in vases or my garden, my youngest daughter Maggie and lots of baked goods.

I’ve lived in the Southern Highlands for… Almost six years (October 2016)

My three favourite things about the Southern Highlands are… The stunning landscapes around every corner, the proper seasons, and the climate.

My three favourite places in the Southern Highlands are… Belmore Falls for an amazing outlook, the Burrawang Village Hotel on a warm Sunday afternoon… and my backyard!

My favourite place to eat locally is… Burrawang General Store Cafe for consistently good food and coffee, that is ALWAYS open!

My favourite place for relaxing is… Walking around the village checking out other people’s gardens and the gorgeous trees on the roads out of Burrawang to Robbo or Wildes Meadow.

My favourite place for time with family or friends is… My friend’s farm for a weekend bonfire with good food and wine and kids running around.

Something that people who don’t live here might not know about the Southern highlands is… [The area is] filled with amazing places to eat and shop and stay, and only 90 minutes from Sydney. I think the whole place is an undiscovered gem for so many people.

If I could live anywhere else in the world, it would be… New York!

You really shouldn’t leave the Southern Highlands without… Some Robbo potatoes, some cheese from local cows, some good wine from [the many] wineries, or some amazing organic produce from Wildes Meadow.



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