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Kim Oliver is a decorator and property stylist who helps Highlands house sellers get top price. When it comes to moving a property quickly for the price you are after, Kim tells Escape SH it’s all about individuality, making the most of what you have and inviting an expert in to work their magic.


My name is KIM OLIVER

My life in five words is… Family, friends, fun, decorating and happiness.

I moved to the Southern Highlands in… 2014 because life doesn’t always go to plan and I needed a new one.

I love the Highlands because… of the four seasons. The trees, the beauty and fresh air nurture my soul. And the wonderful people and social life!

My favourite things to do in the Southern Highlands… Looking at houses, renovating houses, decorating houses and eating my way around the Highlands.

Followers on my Instagram page see images of… interior design how-to. I share all my ideas on my Insta page.

When it comes to property and selling it, this is one truth I know… People fall in love with a beautifully decorated space. Even the least attractive homes can be made to look far more appealing with the right furnishings.

The one thing I immediately do with any property I am styling is… Remove the clutter, then get the placement of the furniture correct.

My philosophy to successfully styling a property is… With better styling, buyers will not only see your home as more attractive but also as more valuable. A stylist can enhance the key features of your home. I create the vision so people can see themselves living in your home.

The most precious piece of advice I have ever received… Kill them with kindness.

When it comes to styling a home… You can never have enough plants and flowers. A little trick I like is to use quality fake flowers mixed with some real ones from your garden. And add your own personality to a room with interesting and different items.

For an immediate style facelift… Find the focal point then design the room around that. It may be a fire place, the view or a piece of furniture. And every room needs a little black, it adds some drama!

When in the Highlands I always take visitors to… Bendooley Estate, Milton Park, Bistro Officina, Mount Ashby Estate and for a walk along the Bong Bong bike track by the river at Moss Vale. Also a visit to Magpies at Berrima and a trip to Kangaroo Valley.

My secret shopping spots in the Highlands… Garage sales, goodwill shops and the side of the road. Some of my best styling treasures come from someone else’s trash. It’s about creating the look you want to achieve, not about the labels.

The biggest goal I hope to achieve is… to stop people decorating their whole room based around the TV. So many homes I see with magnificent views have all the furniture facing a white wall with their back to the outside. On a personal note, my next project is to help elderly people who are lonely find company.

When it comes to my own home, I never… stay put. As soon as I have decorated and renovated, I move on to the next one.

A house is never a home until… It tells the story of who you are and is a collection of what you love.


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