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Insta Star/Michelle Bridges

Michelle Bridges is a household name to anyone who followed The Biggest Loser and those looking to shake off any extra winter kilos. Her 12 Week Body Transformation program (12WBT) has helped more than half a million Aussies lose more than 2 million kg. When she’s not working in the city, Michelle lives in the Highlands with partner Steve, and their son, Axel.


My name is… Michelle Bridges

My life in five words is… love, laughter and organised chaos!

We moved to the Southern Highlands… in 2017. I’ve dreamed my whole life of owning a place with enough space to spread out, to have all my friends and family come stay and, as my life became so public, to have privacy.

We love the Highlands because… it’s relaxed and away from the rat race of the big city. We can catch our breath here and be just one of the regular crowd. It’s also stunningly beautiful in all seasons. I recharge being out and about in nature.

My favourite things to do in the Southern Highlands are… horse riding, hiking, coffee catch ups at Moonacres Kitchen, a pub meal at the Robbo pub.

Followers on my Instagram page see images of… my loving, laughing, organised chaos life! From glamour to grit, my life encompasses it all.

When it comes to fitness and health, this is one truth I know… JFDI. Just Fricken Do It. I’ve worked in fitness and health for more than 25 years and when it comes to getting fit and staying fit and healthy, you don’t have to be smashing Olympic records and slogging through hours of training every day. Find something that lights you up, and do that consistently.

The first thing I always say to people who want to improve their health or lose weight is… join my online fitness and health program 12WBT and my expert team and I will guide you every step of the way.

My philosophy to successfully losing weight, keeping it off and getting healthier is… it’s the small stuff, the daily practices, routines and rituals that move mountains. Keep doing the small stuff.

When it comes to working out, you can never do enough… variety. Train for cardio fitness and muscular strength. Train in short intense bursts. Train in long, endurance focused stints. Train at different times, in different disciplines. Keep mixing it up and keep your body guessing and adapting and making gains.

The most precious piece of life advice I ever received was …from my nan. She always said, Michelle, never ask ‘What’s in it for me?’ Rather, ask ‘Who can I be?’ That advice became my driving force.

The qualities that have helped make me a success are… Keeping Nan’s advice foremost in my mind. Being determined, focused, open to change and not taking no for an answer!

Becoming a mother was… something I thought I’d probably never get to experience. I was so busy building my career I thought I’d missed my window. When I began seeing Steve, he wanted to have a baby with me. That journey and becoming a mother has been, and continues to be, the most incredible experience.

Being mother to Axel has taught me… patience and the infinite nature of love for a child. It’s truly something else.

Working with a partner in the same fitness business has its pros and cons… We both love to train and have the best workouts together where we really push each other to our limits. But we’re often working at the same time so it can be hard to catch up consistently.

We deal with the intense interest in our relationship by… keeping grounded, getting away to the Highlands, spending time with our friends and family who know the ‘real’ us.

We always take visitors to the Highlands to… Moonacres Kitchen in Robertson for lunch.

My favourite place in the Highlands is… our property!

The lessons I hope Axel learns from me include… the importance of doing what fuels you, lights you up and gives you energy.

The lesson I hope I can impart to people who follow my programs, read my books or buy my DVDS, fitness equipment, apparel or footwear… is that success in anything comes from setting smart goals and acting consistently in ways that take you closer to reaching those goals.

And finally please finish this sentence: If you want to be healthy, look good and feel good… join my 12WBT program. It’s 10 years old next year and still going strong. We’re not a fad. We know what we’re doing.


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