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Insta Star / John Waters

Actor and musician John Waters arrived in Australia from London in 1968 as a 19 year old with a guitar, a duffle bag and a voice in his head that kept saying, ‘it only costs £10 to go … why don’t you do it for two years and see how it goes?’ More than 50 years on, John is living his dream; a regular on our screens in hit TV series over the decades including Rush, All Saints and Offspring, and on stage in his ongoing celebration of John Lennon in Lennon: Through a Glass Onion. John, partner Zoe Burton and their good mate, and fellow performer extraordinaire Leo Sayer were instrumental in FireAid 2020. The jubilant open-air concert raised more than $300,000 for our bushfire affected Highlanders.  @johnwatersoriginal

My name is … John Waters

My life in five words is … something I don’t quite understand.

We moved to the Southern Highlands in … 2014 because it felt like home because we’d visited so often as a family.

I love the Highlands because … the countryside is both beautiful and peaceful.

My favourite thing to do in the Southern Highlands is … introduce friends and show them around. It makes you remember why you’re here.

Followers of my Instagram see piccies of … me at work mainly. It’s a work tool. Joining in the ‘inspirational quotations’ is not me.

When it comes music, this is one truth I know … music soothes the soul but only if that’s where it comes from.

I have been acting, writing, singing and playing music for … 50 plus years.

The best acting advice I ever received was … be on time. Know your lines.

The thing I always say to people who tell me they want a life on TV or the stage is … don’t do it! If you have the guts to ignore that, then do it!

I have performed in Through A Glass Onion for 28 years on and off but I never tire of …. knowing every show is a unique live experience.

FireAid 2020 came into being over my kitchen table with Leo Sayer because ….  something had to be done by ‘the people’ because political leadership in this country is the province of those whose only goal in life is re-election.

FireAid was a particular thrill because … it was a unique community experience. The 6000 people gave it a spirit and a devotion that was truly inspiring.

The most precious piece of life advice I ever received was … See solutions, not problems.

My most precious loves are … does a lifelong affair with Chelsea Football Club count?

Becoming a father and a grandfather has been … a rich tapestry of extended family where outsiders get lost trying to work out who is who.

When people recognise me in the Southern Highlands, they mostly … say ‘Hi. How you doing? Had any rain out your way?’ The usual stuff.

My favourite TV role ever was … Sergeant Robert McKellar, Rush, ABC 1973-76. Tough guy with a heart of gold. You’d have had to be lousy at it to mess it up.

If there’s one thing I know about fame, it’s this … it don’t get the baby a new bonnet.

When we have friends staying with us in the Highlands, we always take them to … Carrington Falls.

My special place here is … at home. Front verandah in summer.

The lessons I hope my kids learn from me are … being truthful, humble and very silly.

My philosophy to finding contentment and fulfilment is … don’t be a dickhead.

And finally, please finish this sentence …. former Play School presenters never die … they just fly out the arched window.

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