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Jimmy Barnes is the original Working Class Man. The Glaswegian who came to Australia from Scotland as a five-year-old in 1962 smashed into our national conscious with Cold Chisel in the 1970s and has stayed there, beloved, ever since. In 2016, Jimmy, who has more hit albums than any Australian artist, also revealed he can write poignantly when his autobiography, Working Class Boy was published. Home in Berrima with wife Jane after a sell-out Cold Chisel ‘Shutting Down Your Town’ tour, Jimmy will play an exclusive show, Up Close and Personal, at The Loch, Berrima on December 15. His current album, My Criminal Record, is now out with a bonus, live CD.


My name is … Jimmy Barnes

My life in five words is…. Love, life, music, food, family.

We moved to the Southern Highlands in ……1984 because I wanted to have some sanity in my life as Jane and I had a young family. The music business is a hectic place and in the city, we were surrounded by it 24-7. So we both thought a little place within striking distance of Sydney would allow us some peace. We were right and have loved living there ever since.

We love the Highlands because …. it is beautiful and you can

experience the four seasons. It gets very cold in the winter and being a Scotsman I love the cold. The autumn turns the place into what looks like a beautiful painting. The spring brings flowers and blossoms and it gets hot in the summer so we can swim in the river but it still gets cool enough at night to sleep. It is perfect.

My favourite thing to do in the Southern Highlands is….. stay home with my darling Jane and cook and eat great food.

Followers of my Instagram see piccies of …..  I look after the roses but Jane is the real gardener. She knows what she is doing and I’m just the help.

When it comes music, there is one truth I know …. you can feel it if it is real.

I’ve been in the business of …… touring, writing, singing and playing professionally for 46 years but music has always been in my life.

The first thing I always say to people who tell me they want a life in music is ….… If you love it, do it. If you just want to be famous, you might be in the wrong business.

In a sentence, my philosophy to finding contentment and fulfilment is ….. keep growing, learning and changing. Life changes every day and you have to adapt.

When it comes to fronting Cold Chisel, singing solo or now with my family, the thing that has always driven me has been …. my love of music. Music set me free. When I sing I feel complete.

Even after all these years, touring again and putting out a new album with Cold Chisel is like …… the first. We want it to be the best work we could do and we want it to reach out and touch people.

Writing the story of my life has been …. painful but liberating.

The most precious piece of life advice I ever received was ….. follow your heart.

My most precious loves are … My family and my Jane.

Becoming a father and then a grandfather has been … the best experience of my life.

I deal with the intense interest from the media and the

public in my private life by …  When I work I am open to talk to the media but when I am spending time with my family I like to be left alone.

If there’s one thing I know about fame it’s this ….. it’s not healthy. You have to keep grounded if you can.

Away from the recording studio and the stage, I love to  … spend time with my girl.

When we have friends staying with us in the Highlands, we always take them to …. Toshi’s Japanese restaurant.  We like to take them on walks along the river and sometimes we visit the Buddhist monastery in Bundanoon.

My special place in the Highlands is …. Home. I love getting back home. It doesn’t matter where we go, nowhere beats home. My house, my bed, my family.

The lessons I hope my kids learn from me are ……  Work hard and be good people.

The things I hope I can give to people who listen to my music and read my books is …. lift their spirits and I hope they forget about their troubles for a while. Music can transport you if you let it.

And finally, please finish this sentence …. Famous rockers never die, they just ..…… write articles for magazines.


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