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What’s your style? I formed Winton House after living
in the US for 10 years and lusting after products such as Dash & Albert, which we now sell. So I guess our style
is American. What makes you unique? We have access to an internationally renowned brand. In the Highlands you can find Dash & Albert rugs at Suzie Anderson Home, Bowral and Moss Vale, and Superb Design, in Mittagong. How do you offer that je ne sais quoi? By creating stylish homes from the floor up! Our rugs are handcrafted. They are ethically sourced and produced. They say in retail you should wear what you sell. How do you get around that? I think if I had every rug I love in our home, it would be like living in Aladdin’s cave. What’s your personal style? Style to me is about confidence and what you radiate. I would like to think I radiate kindness, generosity and, when needed, sassiness. What’s the sharpest thing you own? A blue and white ginger jar with the last of the season’s hydrangeas. When you think style in the Highlands, where do you go for a drink? At home with friends and a glass of Centennial Vineyards sauvignon blanc. Dinner or lunch out? Actually, breakfast out. The Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop in Berrima is perfect. A present for a loved one? Dirty Janes and the strip at Moss Vale with Suzie Anderson.
                             SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS
What’s your style? Carefully curated, high quality original garments from past eras in fashion. They allow people to explore and create their own style. And great brand names like Trent Nathan, Prue Acton and Jenny Kee. What makes you unique? In all honesty, clients tell me that our collection is on a parallel
with stores they have visited in London, New York or Tokyo, both for quality, presentation and diversity. How do you offer that je ne sais quoi? By sourcing garments that are of the best quality, and have a point of difference. Most of
the pieces I sell are at least 40 years old and were created in superior fabrics with cut and quality you won’t find on the high street. Do you wear what you sell? Absolutely! I am totally passionate about my collection and the gems each changing year has become known for. I started collecting as a teenager in the ’70s and never stopped. What’s your personal style? My favourites are 1970s pantsuits. Style is a look or an attitude that has been arrived at with care and thought for balance, shape and form. What’s the sharpest piece you own? My bright orange 1960s leather coat always attracts comments. When you think style in the Highlands, where do you go for lunch? Bendooley Estate’s Cellar Door in Berrima or Harry’s on Green Lane in Bowral. A present for a loved one? Just a Smidge in Bowral for clothes and special bits. Three Wise Monkeys in Bowral for eclectic pieces from around the world. Tanzanite in Mittagong for treasures for all budgets. Twisting Vintage, 20B Bowral Road, Mittagong

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