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                 WINTER FEATURE | Highlands Style
What’s your style? Green Lane and The Green House are
extensions of our own personal style. I want visitors to feel like
we are welcoming them to our personal space. What makes you unique? We want to provide our guests with a shopping and eating haven with an international flavour away from the pressures of everyday. How do you offer that je ne sais quoi? I try to find the unusual and the beautiful that have a story to tell. Other than our plants, most of our products are antique or vintage. There’s a shop in Paris called L’Object qui Parle, the Object that Speaks. That’s what I look for. They always say in retail you should wear what you sell? Yes, definitely. That way, if it doesn’t sell you can wear it, plant it in
your garden or have it in your home. We stock Italian linen clothing, which I enjoy wearing, and like home, our shops are crammed with treasures, books and art, rugs and cushions, ornaments and crystal, vintage lamps and silverware. What’s your personal style? My father used to say, ‘Always be yourself and do your best,’ and that sums it
up for me. Style is putting your stamp on your home, your work and
on everything you do in life. What’s the sharpest thing you own? A wonderful vintage astrakhan coat I bought years ago in New York. When you think style in the Highlands, where do you go for a drink? Our own garden in Sutton Forest. Dinner or lunch out? Josh’s Café in Berrima A present for a loved one? Babilonia, in Bowral or Made by Others in Moss Vale. Highlanders rocking their style their way? Jan Weeks at the Magpie Café in Berrima and Lydie du Bray
and her antiques in Braemar. They are Southern Highlands style gurus. 15-17 Banyette Street, Bowral & 247 Argyle Street, Moss Vale;
What’s your style? We’re a country outfitter, with classic and timeless style. What makes you unique? Being in business for 123 years! How do you offer that je ne sais quoi?
We know what our customers like. We also offer a tailoring and alterations service on site, hire wear, school wear, dry cleaning, and shoe and boot repair, to name a few. Do you wear what you sell? Definitely. I’m inspired by Gant, Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste,
all of which we sell. There is nothing more satisfying then selling the full outfit I have
just dressed the windows in. What’s your personal style? Smart casual Ivy League. Classic chino pants, polo shirts, Oxford cotton shirts and loafers. I like to be able to leave the shop and head to dinner with a blazer or sports coat to finish the look. What’s the sharpest thing in your shops or home? Our rocking horse. It’s symbolic Whytes, and intergenerational. It’s a pleasure to hear parents tell their kids they used to ride it as a child. When you think style in the Highlands, where do you go for a drink? Southern Highlands Brewing & Taphouse for a drink with mates. Highlands Merchant for a coffee. Dinner or lunch out? Farm Club Australia in Werai or Briars on Moss Vale Road. A present for a loved one? Gubbins Home Timber & Hardware, which is always great for garden and home bits. I never go past Iris Skin & Beauty for my wife, Monique. A stylish Highlander doing it their way? My father in law, John Whyte. He is one of the best dressed men around. Whytes, 426 Argyle Street, Moss Vale F

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