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Horsehair armchair and leather boots by Kings & Cowboys Vintage brass reading lamp, Shop 301, Dirty Janes, Bowral Shot on location by Elise Hassey
Which is an interesting thought that I feel colours this winter issue of ESCAPE Southern Highlands, our style issue.
It starts with the unique individuals who bring their great style as local retail purveyors (see page 92). These clever people are happily making their mark by doing it their own way, in turn helping to create the relaxed yet classic style with a contemporary edge that sums up the Southern Highlands.
After shopping, take a well earned winter break
at one of the Highlands’ hideaways we feature on page 101. Whether you like the sound of a boutique hotel, a former nunnery or an old train carriage, each shows panache and flair and illustrates that Southern Highlands style is an attitude, not an accessory.
Also alive and well in the Highlands is innovation. You see it in our hardworking farmers who are looking for ways to diversify land use as they face a long dry winter, sometimes lending land to drive in/ drive out farmers like The Good Garlic Guy Russell McKean (page 64). Originality is likewise at work
t was Ralph Lauren who reportedly said, ‘Style is very important. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over very quickly. Style lasts forever.’
among the experience providers (page 116) who
aim to bring global tourists there to experience our enviable lifestyle and environment, and to take home a ‘cultural souvenir’ such as a visit to a vineyard or truffle farm (page 46). It is there in the collaboration between The Southern Highlands Food and Wine Association and Destination Southern Highlands, who are creating a multilingual website aimed at increasing international wine tourism. All this innovation points to the ‘visitor economy’, another buzzword detailed in a recent NSW Government report we talk about on page 17.
As the unstoppable Sydney behemoth sprawls towards the Highlands, the report says there are real opportunities to work with our environment, our businesses and our communities to mould Highlands style in a future direction. One conversation with a local (a landowner, farmer and businessman all in one) stays with me. If you want to keep what’s under the Highlands where it is, you need to offer real employment opportunities, openings, new beginnings and innovations on top of it. Winter food for thought.
Enjoy your ESCAPE Southern Highlands. E Alex
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