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                             DESTINATION WEDDING | Emilee & Tim
     The outdoor location was also crucial as it allowed Tanis, Emilee’s border collie, to attend.
‘After years of begging my parents for a dog when I
was growing up, they finally let me get one and Tanis became my constant companion. I had always dreamed that he would play an important role at my wedding, so his inclusion was never negotiable. We initially wanted
to hold the marriage ceremony in a little chapel, but ditched that idea without a second thought when we were told no dogs were allowed. A friend walked with Tanis down the aisle, so he wouldn’t get too distracted by our 60 other guests.
‘He passed away recently at age 14, so having him as part of the day was very special to me.’
The couple chose the cooler months to marry and the weather gods smiled on their day with blue skies, and warm sunshine. ‘We did have a wet weather option but the weather was perfect,’ says Emilee. ‘A few of our guests actually got a bit red.’
Dogs and weather aside, cultural heritage played a large part in Tim and Emilee’s day, as did her propensity for hunting and gathering.
‘It was important to us to include the tea ceremony in our wedding. It encompasses a deep sense of Chinese
culture and demonstrates the importance of family values. And in the year before our wedding I collected vintage china side plates to be our bonbonnieres. Everyone had a piece of our wedding cake on a unique plate that they took home. I think I dragged Tim around to every antique store from Sydney to Tasmania
to find them.’
Another nice touch were the gumboots Emilee’s sister
sent over from Japan for the bridesmaids to wear for ‘forest location photos’.
At the online gift registry, guests could purchase experiences for the happy couple to enjoy on their honeymoon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Morocco.
Emilee says it was the little things that made their day so special.
‘I liked how much everyone enjoyed themselves,
and how they got a bit sloshed on the winery tour we organised while we were getting photographed. Also, seeing my cousin bawling tears of joy as I presented tea to her during the tea ceremony. And staying up late eating chips and drinking Champagne in bed because we were so buzzed. But more than anything, getting to marry my best friend and
soul mate.’ E
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