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                             FOOD & WINE | Geoff Jansz
  Laksa Love
A massive spoon of steaming, orange stained coconut broth. First an aroma then an explosion on the palate, instantly took me hostage. Next, a prawn and bean shoot crunch was somehow smothered by pillow-perfect noodles and chewy tofu which gave way to the perfume of crushed spices and galangal. Then, the devil arrived...Chilli... that old familiar sting, my addiction. Is it legal to marry a soup?
It seems like only yesterday Angela and I would walk to George Street from Sydney Uni to meet up with Dawn, Andrew, some Canadian girl and, soon-to-be-married-and-quickly-divorced, Wayne. We were a newly formed group of food obsessed desperates who found any reason to cook for one another.
However, on reflection, our trip to “The Malaya” was probably our first food adventure outside our own kitchens. And what an adventure it was, because we discovered Laksa!
To me, very few dishes are as richly layered and comforting. Recently back from Singapore, where memories of my laksa youth re-emerged, I vowed to become, both master and slave
to the pursuit of the perfect bowl. It was an eyes-wide-open commitment to researching, experimenting, tasting, adjusting, and it had all the prospects of standing alongside my pizza dough obsession, which 35 years of rolling and stretching has only now opened the door to the perfect crust.
However, to my surprise and delight, as soon as the quest began, it was over because all roads lead to two easily achieved luscious Laksa steps... a good paste and then, a good stock. The rest is simply a matter of ‘add as you go’ and create the balance you like. It’s simple. Here’s how I do it. Move over Chardonnay... meet the new liquid lunch... King Prawn Laksa. 􏰀
 ... from Singapore

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