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                             SHOPPING | Winter Guide
Brrrrrr, baby... it’s winter. And although it can get flippin’ frosty outside, never fear. Here at Escape Southern Highlands we’ve been busy braving the chill and shopping locally to bring you these beauties, guaranteed to light a fire on the inside.
handknitted hats
OMG, these imps are enough to make you run off and try for a baby! Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit far, but there are few things more perfect in this world than a divine littlun in a woolly hat. Exeter mum and handknitter extraordinaire Greer Worsley thinks so too, and she’s been dressing daughters Lola, Pearl and Stella head to toe in her creations for years. Which is why she decided to turn her hobby into a commercial concern through Typically Red: ‘Handknitting is a slow business and I’ve managed to buck the trend of seasonal ranges and new releases every year by sticking mainly by two very well loved patterns, the Chubby Pixie and Bumpy Bonnet, both adapted from vintage patterns.’ And now, thanks to the miracle that is Instagram, Worsley has customers in Japan, France, the US and the UK. She is also keeping
a group of lady knitters in the Highlands busy. ‘Each hat is still finished and packaged by me at my kitchen table in Exeter, where we share our home with our spoilt cat, Leonard.’ Like Typically Reds’ hats, we think that sounds absolutely purrfect. @typicallyred;

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