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                            IN MY BACKYARD | Miriam Margolyes
     In my backyard
She’s the diminutive actor known the world over for her magic portrayal of Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter film series as well as for her countless other award winning stage and screen roles over a 50 year career. Now the legendary Miriam Margolyes wants you to come and stay at her Southern Highlands home.
iriam Margolyes is an acting dynamo who travels the world performing in films and television series. But if there’s one thing
Margolyes will tell you she is most definitely not, it’s glamorous.
‘My life does sound very lovely and glamorous, doesn’t it? Which I don’t understand at all, really, because I am the least glamorous person you could meet,’ she says, chortling raucously at the very idea. ‘This is because I never make up, I never change my clothes, except for cleanliness of course, and I really don’t like appearing on those celebrity programs either because there is so much trivial chat going on you can spend the entire time talking bollocks and that’s just silly.’
One thing that’s decidedly not silly is her eye for property. Over the years Margolyes, who is now 77, has collated an impressive portfolio that includes a terrace house in Bondi, two townhouses in London, an Umbrian farmhouse in Italy, an English seaside house within sight of the British Channel and Yarrawa Hill near Robertson, her tree house home in the Southern Highlands.
Margolyes and partner Professor Heather Sutherland, an academic who specialised in Indonesian trade, first set eyes on Yarrawa Hill in 1996. Down a dirt road, their 156 acres of secluded rainforest land butts onto the escarpment side of the Budderoo National Park.
‘We bought the land following my role in Babe, where I was the voice of Fly, Babe’s sheepdog mother,’ explains

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